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Suppress null values in charts


I'm struggling with null values and hope someone can help. 

I have used :

SET NullInterpret= '';

SET NullInterpret = ;

and I have used the following on each variable:

If(Len(Trim(field))>0,field) ,

I have set all my charts to 'Suppress When Value Is Null'.

I am still getting null values in my charts.  I do not get a null field or additional colour in the legend but in the chart itself there is a 3rd gender or additional null variable count.

I created the file in SPSS and saved as a csv file.  I have imported the csv file into qlikview.  I have never had this happen before using this method.

Please can somebody help?


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Re: Suppress null values in charts

Do below while loading the table in your script..



From TableName

Where Len(Trim(field))>0;

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Re: Suppress null values in charts

Thank you! It worked.

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Re: Suppress null values in charts

Sorry, there is a problem, that does work but that removes the rows with missing values from the data. I want them to remain in the data set but not show in the charts.

Is there another solution?

Best wishes


Re: Suppress null values in charts



     If(IsNull(Field) or Len(Trim(Field))=0, Null(), Field) as Field

From TableName;

Now use the Suppress When Value is Null in your Table/Chart for Field Dimension and let me know whether your problem solved or not..