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Suppression of script variable

Hi all !

I've got a question today about variables we use in script. Like many others I don't want to keep this variables in the IHM.

I know that a LET variable = null(); will not copying the variable in the IHM.

BUT ! There's always a but...

Do you know a way to give the null() value to all variables I don't want to export to the IHM ? Personnaly, All these variables are prefixed with a "_", so I know that it's only script variable. I thinking about a loop that will check "_" variables one by one and put the null() value. But actually, I don't know how to create this loop on script variables.

Thanks for your for reading this message !

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Re: Suppression of script variable

Should be something like:

IF (variable like "_*", null)

Could you try that?

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Re: Suppression of script variable

I've worked it out, if you put this in your load statement, it should work:

If(Variable like "_*", Null()) as Variable

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Re: Suppression of script variable

Hi duncankemmer !

I'm sorry to say that, but it's not my problem .

What I want is not for a load statement, but outside. My " variable "_*" " is not a dimension loaded. I talk aboutvariable created with a SET or a LET insctruction, like :

SET x = 25;

LET DateX = Today();

For example...

I want to find a way to give null() for each variable (named like "_*") I could have created in the script.