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Syntax to STORE Process ID/Host

HI Gurus,

We are running on QlikView clustered environment, and in need to record ProcessID (OS' process ID) and host name on all of our applications. Is there any possibility to STORE the process ID when qvb tasks are run, preferably by script itself? (Or if you have, certain example appreciated to trigger batch file to get such information during the running). 

What I would currently is to search the task-log folder for our entire clustered nodes (/1/, /2/, ....) and search for text string "ProcessID=00000". But this is manual intervention.

The background is that we are assessing each qvb.exe execusion with OS resource consumption. By having ProcessID, we are able to link the job/qvw name to the Windows Events; thus optimizing the application/server operations.

I should appreciate for your advice in advance.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Syntax to STORE Process ID/Host

Why not just reading this information (and maybe others too) from the task-logs into a qvw? Within the Qlik help by "for each ..." is a good example how to loop through files and folders and with the dates in the foldernames and/or the filetime() it's not very difficult to skip the older ones and just load the new ones. And in this qvw you could also load the windows event-logs or you stores the task-log results into a txt and used it within other tools. I assume this should be the easiest approach.

If the ProcessID is during the runtime stored anywhere within the registry you could also use GetRegistryString() to get the information there.

Another way might be the use of macros. Maybe the following is helpful in any way: Re: Run qvw from batch.

- Marcus