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Test in load script if a variable has been defined

I have a two-step load setup where the first step use QVB.EXE (via Enterprise Mgmt Console) to reload a QVW file. The reload is pretty heavy and takes a couple of hours to complete.

The second step is an external task operating on the same QVW, with the goal of only sending an email and then immediately shutting down the reload process (in order to save time and reduce load on the server). This would leave the QVW empty until the next time step 1 is executed - that is fine.

Problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to pass parameters to load scripts (similar to using /v parameter when calling qv.exe) when using QVB.EXE... or?

Or is it possible to determine, in the load script, if a variable has been defined?

If so one could handle both the case in step 1 (using qvb.exe to reload, and the variable/parameter is not defined) and step 2 (using qv.exe, with the variable/parameter defined via /v)...?

Fallback solution is to use qv.exe also for step 1, but we'd then loose the timeouts, retries etc offered by qvb.exe (via Enterprise Mgmt Console).

Any ideas?



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