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Text Object with calculated action

Hi Again

Would someone be able to help me on the following query please?

I have the following text objects which does a count of the Oldest case on the system on the field logdate:

=num($(vTODAYS_DATE)-(MinString({$<status_name ={'Unaccepted','Unassigned','Pending','Off Hold','On Hold'} >} [logdate])), '#,##0')

What I want to do is create another Text Object under that with an action that takes me to SH02 and finds the case on a Straight Chart that only pulls through the case with the oldest case.


Jon Ditchfield

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Re: Text Object with calculated action

This could work if you put the (calculated) sheet and the case in additionally variables and the click-action on the textbox used these variable-values to switch the sheet and select any values and/or set the visibilty for an object on true or false.

- Marcus

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