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Time Difference b/w 2 Dates


I need to calculate Time difference between 2 dates considering Window.

1) Some Dates calculation should be consider from  8:45 - 17:30 Mon-Sat

2) Some Dates calculation should be consider from  9:00 - 17:30 Mon-Fri

3) Some Dates calculation should be consider from  0:00 - 23:59 (24*7) Mon-Sun

See, the Attachment for exact requirements.

Kindly help.



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Re: Time Difference b/w 2 Dates

I am referring this post:



Re: Time Difference b/w 2 Dates

It has been couple of days now(I believe). You have to understand that the link you are referering itself is a very good one with explanation. It's bit complex though. But all issues would not be resolved that easily and we have to agree with that. It would be better if you can accomodate the script suggested in that link to your requirement. Or, come up with a narrower issue that you might fetch while trying to accomodate that. Otherwise, it's a bit complex issue that demands greater amount of involvement which might not be devoted by all community members just for the sake of helping, because that could kill once's bread. . You might have to turn to a consultant to do the job for you.