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Timestamp converting to num while loading

Hi All,

I am loading some fields including dates in QlikView.

When I am loading this without adding any filter conditions (i.e where clause), then it's loading perfectly as timestamp values, not numeric ones.

But, when I am using a where clause, in load for filtering data only from 2017 onwards, then it is converting all timestamp values in numbers.

Can anyone please tell me what's wrong here?

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Re: Timestamp converting to num while loading

not sure what your script looks like.

You may want to try like this to avoid unwanted conversions of fields datatypes.






from xyz

where  Year(Date) >=2017; //if you want to filter on date then use      : where  Date#(Date) >=Date#(YourDesiredDate).

if this doesnt work out for you,post your sample qvw or sample data.

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