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Too many lines in chart

Hi all!

i have a 10 000 000 lines in csv:

Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5
DateDomainConnectionsBytes inBytes out

I need to display  in table top 20  domain by Connections, top 20 Domain by Bytes in and Bytes out.

There is 128 GB RAM on my virtual machine.

If i use Dimension limits - the largest 20 i have the one problem- QV is failed becouse of it try to select top 20 in 10 000 000 domains.

I tryied  to use set analisys  in my Expression, but he anyway try to select top in 10 000 000.

Could you tell me what shoul i do for resolving this problem?

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Re: Too many lines in chart


It is better to calculate the top domains in the script, it will help with the front end performance.



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Re: Too many lines in chart

i thought about it, but i have some filters like service: streaming media, peer-to-peer, http, File Sharing, Remote Access, IP Protocols, Web Browsing i t.e (~ 200 filters) and if i calculate the top domains in the script,i couldn't to filter it.

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Re: Too many lines in chart

OK, what about this:

Create three rank fields in the data - RankConnections, RankBytesIn, and RankBytesOut - integer value for each domain.  Now, if you don't have selections, your top by RankConnections will be 1 to 20.  If you make selections, it could be anything (e.g. 120,500,666,... 5215045) - but still sortable without dynamic rank calculations.

Hope it works...

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