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Honored Contributor III

Top 20 fields in backend script

Hi All,

I want create one field in back end anyone can give some ideas for the same .

=aggr(if( rank(((SUM({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Gross Sales ])

   -   SUM({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>}[Sales Return ])

    -  fabs(SUM({$<[Is SRN]={0},  [GL Code]={"4000001"},

    FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>} [Credit Note ]))

     +  SUM({$<[GL Code]={"4000001"},

      FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear))}>} [Debit Note ]))    /100000),4)<=12,Divi ), Divi )

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Top 20 fields in backend script

This is very complex to create in back end. what is the purpose of doing it in back end?

Honored Contributor III

Re: Top 20 fields in backend script

Yes. Your right.

Actually I want to create this field for Nprinting excel report for to create top 20 divi.

If i achieve this field in back end then i will create top 20 divi wise sales report  in excel and will distribute to them.



Re: Top 20 fields in backend script


This is very difficult to calculate in back end, if you are able to achieve this front end then why you are looking for backend?



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