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Trigger data reload

I would like to trigger a reload of the entire script (at least) once per day (preferably more often) so it's not dependent on people using the app or not.

I want the reload o happen automatically so that if people haven't used the app in a while they still don't have to wait for it to load all the old data. I also want the possibility to have the script save things on the first of every month and the easiest way to do this is to set it as a fixed date.

Is this possible and if so how is it done?

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Re: Trigger data reload

This is what QlikView Server does!

It will reload your apps in the background and publish then on a website (Access Point) for the users to access.

The reload process is transparent to users and users can access apps via the Access Point whilst reloads are running, and will be able to view the updated data automatically once updated.

The server also creates logs allowing you to review and identify any problems in the reloads.

There are solutions posted here using windows scripts, but the supported method to reload apps regularly is via QlikView Server.

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Re: Trigger data reload

I'm using Qlik Sense (I realize I picked the wrong topic now) not sure if they still call the server a QlikView server though.

Also not sure what you mean it is the server does? Loading at a set interval? Then the problem of where do I set it and how still applies.

But I did find a way to change the interval for loading data in the QMC after clicking around a lot.

Also found a way around the saving files problem and will do that with a separate app that only runs the days data should be stored to .qvd files.

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Re: Trigger data reload

In Qliksense also you can schedule the report by Monthly/Weekly/Daily/after every 5 min /10min like.

Go through below link-

Reloading apps manually ‒ Qlik Sense