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Trigger multiple values select seperated by comma

Dear Community,

i know that there can be selected multiple fields with a trigger Example of Selecting Multiple Field Values

But all these values are seperated with a pipe, so in the current selections the values appear not in the same way (seperated by a comma) as an user will select them.

Now i have the use case that i am fetching the current selections and here come the problems as the selections have no common seperator, if they come from a trigger they have a pipe and if they come from an user selection they have a comma as seperator.

Is there any possibility that both selection types will get a common seperator?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Trigger multiple values select seperated by comma

By getfieldselections/getcurrentselections as well as concat you could specify which char will be used as delimiter. Another way could be to use replace() for it.

- Marcus


Re: Trigger multiple values select seperated by comma

Hi Marcus,

yes but when it's sometimes delimited by a comma and sometimes delimited by a pipe it makes the situation complicated.

Btw. setting a delimiter for getfieldselections() where the selections are done by a trigger seems not to work, as the pipes are still the delimiter.