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Trimming down an app


I have just designed a new app which I think is really cool - but I'm not quite happy with the fact that from two base_files, I have loaded 4 tables into the data_model and I have 2 data islands now.

Maybe someone here can tell me if and how I can make that slimmer:

- There are 2 base_files like I said, with costs for our fleet of forklifts - and others

- The issue is, both those files have some lines where there is a specific vehicle_ID, so I can link both tables
   and display the costs from both files for those IDs.

<=> But both lists also contain some lines where there is no ID (and even for different "vehicles":

     - Batteries/ lorries/ cleaning_machines in the one list

     - Batteries/ loaders/ accessories in the other list

=> For this reason, I basically have each list twice:

- Once I have loaded the 1st list filtered on those lines where I have an ID and I have filtered the 2nd list with a WHERE EXISTS()

- To get all those costs where I have no ID to link the lists, I need the 1st list once more with the filter the other way round (for lines
   without ID) and the 2nd list with some AS options so it isn't linked to anything.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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