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Two subsequent queries from Database - combine?


I have the following requirement:

- I have to get the bookings from the database that have been done by a specific set of people (members of a specific team)
   => I can do that all right.
   => That will provide me, among others, with the ID of the box that the booking was made for.

- Next, I have to (probably)

     - parse that file line by line

     - find out who did bookings on that box_ID before that

=> Is there any way to combine those two database_queries?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Two subsequent queries from Database - combine?

Perhaps you should ask your database administrator. We have no knowledge of your database so we cannot tell if what you want is possible. The answer is probably yes, but even if it is you still won't know how. Your database administrator should have the skills to find you a solution.

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