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Update when task fails in QMC

Hi All,

I pull data for one of my modules every 5 minutes as the data is huge and throws error "Field length exceeded ..." when I try to pull for longer duration.

Many a times my task fails in QMC and sometimes,I might miss to check the same.

And it takes a lot of time to recover the data back again.

Could anyone please tell if there is any way I can get a mail or anything by which I can know that the task failed in QMC while I am working on something else?

It will help me to quickly troubleshoot and end d prob dt moment itself.

Any suggestions , any ideas on this will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Update when task fails in QMC

Hi Anjali,

it may be worthwhile checking out the Alerts Functionality, please follow this lnk:


Best regards.


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Re: Update when task fails in QMC


Did you configure the tab "Mail Server" in QMC?

Re: Update when task fails in QMC

Once you've got that configured, make sure to enter Alert E-mail destination addresses in QMC->System->Setup->Distribution Services->Your Distribution Service->Alert E-mail->Alert E-mail to System Administrators. Separate multiple destinations with semicolon characters.

If you do not have a Publisher, you can do the same in QMC->System->Setup->QlikView Servers->Your QlikView Server->Alerts->Address by clicking the green plus button to the right.