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Updating a column of QVD

Hi All,

              I have a QVD  which has 3 columns A,B,C. I load a table from database which has the same colums of QVD. Now i compare column C from QVD with column C of loaded table. After comparing if the loaded table has a new value then i want to overwrite that value in the QVD at the same place. Dont want to add or delete any new rows or columns. Till comparision everything is working fine. The value to be replaced is stored in a variable . I dont understand how to copy that new value in place of old value. Its like i have reached the destination with my letter but i dont know how to stick it there in simple words. can something like peek or fieldvalue work??? Or plz suggest me something else..........

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Re: Updating a column of QVD

Can you give a specific example?

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Re: Updating a column of QVD


I think you can go for apply map

just compare field 'c' between the mapping table and the original ,if equals load variable

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