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Use base64_decode PHP function in Qlikview

Hello all,

I need to decode a field in mij databasetable. It is filled with a value like:


In PHP you can use the function unserialize(base64_decode("<tekst>")).

Can anyone help me to do this in QlikView/Qlik Sense?



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Re: Use base64_decode PHP function in Qlikview

This binary size is long. This will run as False. Or would you describe more with output

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Re: Use base64_decode PHP function in Qlikview

The first step is to decode the string.

I found out that you can do that with SQL:

FROM_BASE64(<field>) AS Field

But, the array that you get is a different story....

Re: Use base64_decode PHP function in Qlikview

You cannot use PHP script code in a QlikView document without spending a lot of time and energy trying to glue the pieces together. But you can decode a Base64 encoded field value using a comparable VBScript macro that is called in your LOAD script.

See the first function (appropriately called "Base64Decode") in Re: How to generate xuser &amp; xpassword in txt file



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