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User Access not working properly

Hi all,

we have implemented section access for our QV documents based on various fields.

Data is loaded to the reports once per month and unless there is a new user to be added, or one to be deleted, we don´t touch the section access part in the script.

However lately we encountered, that after reloading the data, users cannot access the reports anymore w/o having modified the user names or passwords.

There doesn´t seem to be any logic behind the problem either, as it does not happen for all users, and it happens for different users every month.

We reloaded data 3 times yesterday and now it seems to work, but this can´t be a sustainable solution.

Does anybody have any ideas related to this issue?

Another question related to this one: If a user enters the password wrongly does he get bocked? And if so, after how many attempts?



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