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Using Max functon in Script

Dear All,

I want to execute a line of code in Script please suggest me how can i do it,

My Code to put in Script is

if(PriceDate_CargoRisk = max(PriceDate_CargoRisk),ExposureDuration_CargoRisk) as TD_ExposureDuration_CargoRisk,

But it gives error while reloading please can any one help me



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Using Max functon in Script

What is the error?

What else have you tried?

Can you provide a qvw with an example?

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Using Max functon in Script

Dear Kieran,

What is the error?

Ans. The erroe it shows while reload in Script as Invalid Expression.

What else have you tried?

Ans. Now i have made it like this


InputField SpotBnkPrice_Input;

LOAD NCCargoRisk.NumberOfDays as TotNrOfDays_CargoRisk,

         NCCargoRisk.ID as MTMID_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.ID as NCCargoRisk_Link_CargoRiskResident,

     NCCargoRisk.TCEQSECONDLEG as TCEQSecondLeg_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.SECONDLEGPRICE as SecondLegPrice_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.CARGONAME as CargoName_CargoRisk,

     Date(NCCargoRisk.STARTDATE,'$(DateFormat)') as StartDate_CargoRisk,

     Date(NCCargoRisk.ENDDATE,'$(DateFormat)') as EndDate_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.QUANTITY as Qty_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.DURATIONSECONDLEG as DurationSecondLeg_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.FREIGHTRATE as FreightRate_CargoRisk,

     Date(NCCargoRisk.PRICEDATE,'$(DateFormat)') as PriceDate_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.IFOPRICE as IFOPrice_CargoRisk,

     -(NCCargoRisk.Duration_Risk) as ExposureDuration_CargoRisk,

     NCCargoRisk.MarketValue_Risk as MarketValue_CargoRisk

FROM [$(QVDPATHTRANS)NCCargoRisk.qvd] (qvd);

left join

Load Max(PriceDate_CargoRisk,'$(DateFormat)') as PriceDate_CargoRisk1 resident NCCargoRisk;



     PriceDate_CargoRisk as PriceDate_CargoRisk_Resident,

     //MaxString(PriceDate_CargoRisk) as Max_PriceDate,

    if(PriceDate_CargoRisk = PriceDate_CargoRisk1,ExposureDuration_CargoRisk) as TD_ExposureDuration_CargoRisk,

     ExposureDuration_CargoRisk as ED_CargoRisk_Today

resident NCCargoRisk;

Its Working Fine now

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Re: Using Max functon in Script

max( expression[, rank] )

Returns the maximum numeric value of expression encountered over a number of records as defined by a group by clause. Rank defaults to 1 which corresponds to the highest value. By specifying rank as 2 the second highest value will be returned. If rank is 3 the third highest value will be returned and so on.


Load Month, max(Sales) as LargestSalePerMonth from abc.csv group by Month;

Load Month, max(Sales, 2) as SecondLargestSalePerMonth from abc.csv group by Month;

I down totally understand your idea but try this

left join

Load date(Max(PriceDate_CargoRisk),'$(DateFormat)') as PriceDate_CargoRisk1

resident NCCargoRisk

This will add PriceDate_CargoRisk1 field for every line in table NCCargoRisk

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Using Max functon in Script

Hi alex,

Thanks for your answers it was helpful, if i want now to get the previous day date then how to do it



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Using Max functon in Script

Hey Alex got the answer for prev days just to write :

left join
Load date(Max(PriceDate_CargoRisk),'$(DateFormat)') as PriceDate_CargoRisk1,

date(Max((PriceDate_CargoRisk)-1),'$(DateFormat)') as PriceDate_CargoRisk1
resident NCCargoRisk