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Using hidden scripts

Hi, I have created a basic report document which works fine pulling data from SQL Server.

When I move the sql commands from a standard tab to a hidden script, I get:

"ODBC connection failed"

My OLEDB connect 32 statement is set in the default "Main" tab, I have also tried moving it to the hidden script yet the same issue occurs.

Am I not meant to place SQL commands in a hidden script? Or am I just doing it wrong?

Cheers for any help!


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Re: Using hidden scripts

hi Andrew,

As per my  understanding the hidden script executes first and then the rest.

Also first you need to establish a connection and then executes.

Generally we dont add Sql queries in  hidden script.

Hidden script are used for Section Access script or any other data  information which we don't want to disclose to other developers.

Since the SQL Script doesn't contain any data , we don't write in hidden script.



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Re: Using hidden scripts

Can you attach the sample?

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