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Using script to remove objects

Hi everyone

A chalenge for the master developers in qlikview:

I have a lot of qvw application and there are a lot of objects is not being used anymore. So I want to delete them.

I ran a monitor application and now I have a list of objects I want to keep in my qvw application (only used in 2015). Its a long list, but lets suppose we have 2 in this case:

Object ID: BU01 and TX01

How I can keep these only 2 objects in a application and delete the rest (more than 50 and I don't want to know the name) ???

Remember:  I don't want to do it mannually, I want to create a script inside the own application. I can put the BU01 and TX01 in a spreadsheet and load them to the application.. after this I need a script to solve my problem...

Could you gays help me and certainly help another people in the future ?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Using script to remove objects

Here is a quite similar topic which you could adjust to your object-list:

Re: Remove sheet object VBScript

- Marcus

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