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Using values of hidden column

Hello everyone.

So, I have a straight table with a hidden column that can be shown just by clicking a button.

My problem is: is there a way to continue using the values of that column when she is hidden? Because I'm using column(1) when she is being shown so I can use her values, but when I hide her, the column(1) changes to another column.

Is there a way to do that?


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Re: Using values of hidden column

you could create a variable to store the expression and invoke the variable on the original chart expression as well as in the secondary chart expression (where you currently use column(1) )

Re: Using values of hidden column

A column hidden by Conditional expression cannot be referenced when its hidden. If you are never going to see it then you can hide it from the presentation tab (but this cannot be controlled by a button) which I think can then be referenced.





Re: Using values of hidden column

You can refer to the column by name ... the name is the label of the column (expression).

If the label is   Quantity on hand   then  you can refer to it with  [Quantity on hand]

This applies to hidden expressions that are hidden explicity or by condition - both can be referred to by name

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Re: Using values of hidden column

I use hidden columns all the time.  Just label the column and use the label in the expression you are trying to calculate rather than using column numbers.


Re: Using values of hidden column

Open question ? 

... I wasn't sure that applies to a conditional hide (as shown below) which is available on most charts .

I think it does  apply for straight table / presentation tab hide fields ...

anything i'm missing ?



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Re: Using values of hidden column

Thanks everyone for the quick answers.

Some points I think I should've explained better.

So, I have this table with these columns: Product (my dimension), Stores(my hidden column), count(Stores), avg(Sales1), avg(Sales2). When I expand the table, my hidden column appears and I can see the both avg of each product store by store, so a quick example:

product store count(store) avg(sales1) avg(sales2)

prod1      2          1                 30               32

prod1      5          1                 33               29

prod1      4          1                 31               30

When I hide the column store, I'm not able to use 2, 5 and 4, even if I just use my expression name (which is Store), or [Store], I didn't found any way to use her.

I tried every tip you guys gave me, but I don't know why I can't use her, maybe what sunindia said is right, because I'm using a Conditional expression to hide that colum (which is also a expression).

I tried to use set analysis with column() or the name of my expression (Store, or [Store]), but I didn't manage to get it done. Is there a way to do that? I mean, use column() or expression name with set analysis?

I hope I'm more clear now and again, thanks everyone.   


Re: Using values of hidden column

I just tested it again and I have done this before too ... it definitely works for me ... referencing a hidden column.

Re: Using values of hidden column

Somehow it never worked for me. Can you post the test file?

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Re: Using values of hidden column

I created an expression to try and count my column, and even a simply count(Store) works for me.

I'm in the same boat as sunindia.

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