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¿Which layer is better to perform mappings?


I'm currently using a 3-layer architecture for my QlikView documents.

1. Raw data extraction and QVD generation.

2. Data modeling (QVD combination, metrics, renaming, etc.)

3. Dashboard. (Visualizations, binary loaded)

In some cases I need to map some QVD fields with other tables of our DB that are not stored in a QVD. ¿In which layer should I do this mappings to maximize performance (reload time)?


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Re: ¿Which layer is better to perform mappings?

why not extract (from DB/excel/...any source) everything in your 1st layer and store all in qvd.

from your 2nd layer on, you shouldn't be going back to "primary" sources (in my humble opinion, the clear and simple method definitions outweighs the performance question...)

(so to answer: i'd do it in the 2nd layer; but also recommendation to get everything out in the 1st place in qvds;

[as the third is indeed intended only for viz])

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Re: ¿Which layer is better to perform mappings?

Thank you very much.