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Wild Match ?

In how many ways we can use this ...

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Re: Wild Match ?


I always the QV Desktop Help useful for explaing QV functions.  I have pasted the below in from it.

wildmatch( str, expr1 [ , expr2,...exprN ] )

The wildmatch function performs a case insensitive comparison and permits the use of wildcard characters ( * and ?) in the comparison strings.


wildmatch( M, 'ja*','fe?','mar')

returns 1 if M = January

returns 2 if M = fex

Best Regards,     Bill

Re: Wild Match ?

Try below code...


Load * Inline


  id1, id2, value

  AAA, 1, 100

  BAC, 2, 120

  CDA, 3, 140

]Where WildMatch(id1,'A?*','B*');

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Re: Wild Match ?

Thanks Bill

But it was the Syntax, how can we use in different ways ? & Use..

I am not getting clear..

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Re: Wild Match ?

GIve me some more clarity on this..

Re: Re: Wild Match ?

Please check enclosed file.

I have used three different places.

1) In the script itself to restrict the full load

2) in the TABROW, once you select the tab (sheet) at the top, the color will change. Go inside the Sheet Properties and Color section to find out how this is happenning.

3) in the text box.... according to you selection on ID1, you will get answer Yes or No.

Hope this will helps.

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Re: Wild Match ?

Helen, this is your second question now where you have been very vague. Please provide more information on why you want to know, what you are trying to do.

Also this forum has a lot of information and examples on this topic. Please search the forums for required information before posting

Kind Regards,


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Re: Re: Wild Match ?


Let check attached file you get to know

Hope these helps you

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