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Wildcard in Filepath for folders


is it possible to use a wildcard in the filepath ?

Like R:\data\2013_*\xls\data_*.xlsx

instead of R:\data\2013_08\xls\data_0800.xlsx

this has been discussed before, but only for older builds of QV (As old as 2009 to 2011).

(Loading data from multiple xls-files from folder with subfolder)

Is there a newer, more userfriendly solution to use some kind of wildcard ?

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Re: Wildcard in Filepath for folders

Hello Alex,

Wildcard works for picking all the files i.e. *.xlsx will work. You just need to use a "For" Loop. We are using this feature in QV 11.

But I have never seen any wild card in the path also. Please try to give it a shot. Let us see what happens. Also please share your observation with the forum.

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Re: Wildcard in Filepath for folders

Wild cards do not work in the folder names.

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Re: Wildcard in Filepath for folders

Hi! As far as I remember it will not work if the names of the different excel sheets contains space in name. Example below:


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Re: Wildcard in Filepath for folders

Wildcards do NOT work, if used like in my example.

The * only works with files so far.

I assumed, since the last posts concerning that problem were from 2011, that there could be another way with the more recent Qikview builds.
I will try something like on the blog and post my findings here:


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