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Writing Script for mapping a few tables

Hi all

I am a beginner of Qlikview report developer and have a question how to use proper syntax and function of Qlikview to do the following:

Here is the data:

1. History: Key figure is KG

2. Future: Key figure is Amount

3. Unit: Since the key figure of worksheet "Future" is based on different unit, a conversion table is used to convert the Amount into new variable Amount (KG) to make the apple-to-apple comparsion with key figure in worksheet "History"

4. Segment: There is a rule to segment data in "History" and "Future". if key of Product-Location in "History" or "Future" found in the worksheet "segement", assign the segment of this Product-Location to map the key figure. If the Location in "History" or "Future" found in the worksheet "segement", assign the segment of this Product to map the key figure

5. Location: Map location with location names

I have made a table in worksheet "Result" which the data supposed should look like this way if I run the straight table in the report.

Many Thanks


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