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New Contributor II

XML files with different structure

Hi Guys,

I'm working on QV applicaton that should read data from XML files. We have around two thousand files and ofcourse I want load them by loop, but many of them have different structure. I opened just 7 files, they have only thee- four file similar columns, but I need to read all columns, because other columns contains customer customizations, which we want to analyze. Unfortunately * symbol doesn't work with xml.

Do you know a way to do this?



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Valued Contributor

Re: XML files with different structure

you have to load a table before which contains all fields you want to load.

Then concatenate all Tables and read the missing field as null values

LOAD * INline [F1,F2,F3,F4];

Load F1,


         null() as F3,

         null() as F4

From XML1;




New Contributor II

Re: XML files with different structure

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer, I also thought about such solution, but I have around 2000 files and it will be a little bit complicated to open each and check columns which it have.

Thanks, Vitalii

Valued Contributor

Re: XML files with different structure

Hi Vitalii,

Sound like a lot of work.

In this case i think the easiest way is :

1) identify XML's which has the same Format and safe them into a QVD

2) concatenate like said in thread above

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