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XML load into QlikView


I have to load about XML files into QlikView.

But QlikView seems to make different rows within the same XML file.
I'd like to have all the information within one row instead of 3 rows (in this example)

The XML file and the output of the table are attached.

A part of the script is written below :


Load FileName() as %Filename




From datacol*.xml (XMLsimple, Table is ([Transaction/RetailTransaction/LineItem]);

store LineItem into LineItem.qvd;

Hope someone can advice me.



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Re: XML load into QlikView

The best option is to create correct xml files that do not contain multiple line items and sequence numbers. Alternatively you calculate the maximum numeric and string values for each field. See attached qvw.

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Re: XML load into QlikView

Hi Gysbert,

Unfortunatly it not possible to create correct xml files because it s the output of a cashdrawer where multiple sequences means multiple sales.

Your calculation method takes a lot of time. I have to read over 65000 XML files. Is there an other option which takes less time?



Re: XML load into QlikView

Use an XSLT processor to transform the xml files to extract the data you want. Then feed the result of that into Qlikview.

Or just accept multiple records and use chart expressions to aggregate the amounts as needed.

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