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button to set date = today()

Hi - hopefully a quick one! I have a date range slider which is working nicely. I also have manual date select lists.

I'd like to put a few buttons on the dashboard saying "today", "this week", "last week", "this month", "last month" and "this year".

How is this best to do? Maybe assign a macro for each one? If so, is there any where I can research how to write the macro? I did have a go, but nothing seemed to work!!

Thanks in advance for any info


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Re: button to set date = today()


create a button.

Add an action "Set Variable". Name the variable vToday and add the following code :


You should do the same with a trigger On Open, to be sure the variable is setted when you open the document.

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Re: button to set date = today()

Hi Matt,

Have attached a QVD with the expressions you were looking for. Will be completely honest I've never done this before so my method is probably crude. It does rely on you having a calendar in place with the different dimensions that you want to measure. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


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button to set date = today()


Maybe also


  1. create a button
  2. select in field
  3. = today()

In order to select a whole week, I think you need to create extra fields in your table. Like weekstart(yourdate) to get all the dates belonging to 1 week.

  1. create a button
  2. select in field (your  new weekstart field)
  3. = weekstart(today())
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