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calculate the percentaje of subtotal

I every one;

I need to get the calculate the percentaje of subtotal like % Sales by Country Column


My problem is that I have the condition IF,  where I used the function TOTAL I need your help to put the correct scripting

this is my formula:

% Percentaje =

Sum(TOTAL <week_ent,General_Performance > if(year_ent=year(today()),conta_ent,0) )   <--the problem is here in the second line is incorrect the syntaxes can you tell me please?

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Re: calculate the percentaje of subtotal

are you sure the problem is in the second line and not in the first one?

Sum(if(year_ent=year(Today()),  conta_ent, 0) )


Sum(TOTAL <week_ent,General_Performance> if(year_ent=year(Today()),  conta_ent, 0) )