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calculating the resultant time


i have problem in calculating the resultant time. I have attached the xls data file and the qvw file. here i need the resultant process time. i have found the individual process time. here there are multiple ids,  i have considered only one in the example. and for every id there are multiple process times and the resultant process time is sum of all the process times, which is processtime= processtime1+processtime2+processtime3+ and so on... the number of process times in case of each id is unknown. suggest some logic using which i can get resultant process time.

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Re: calculating the resultant time

Hi ,

Find attachment..

It may help you..



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Re: calculating the resultant time

you have considered the min value in the inprocess and the max value information viewed and substracted the max from min. but in my case. there exists multiple process times. if you look in the attached image you notice several process times, the resultant is sum of all the process times. for the id 69 process time is 15:51(6+5+3+1:51). but in your case it was 241:51. processtimeimage.JPG

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