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count based on a time range


I have to show some tickets count for yesterday that were logged from 8 am to 8 pm .

Can anybody suggest what expression should i use restrict time as such and display the same ?

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Re: count based on a time range

May be this:

{<DateTimeField = {"$(='>=' & TimeStamp(DayStart(Today()) + 8/24) & '<='  &TimeStamp(DayStart(Today()) + 20/24))"}>}

Where DateTimeField is the same format as TimeStamp(DayStart(Today()) + 8/24)


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Re: count based on a time range

Hi Sunny ,

Thanks for the help .

I have one more question .

If someone selects some dates and want the data to change accordingly and wants this 8 am to 8 pm time frame as default if he selects nothing ,then, Is there any way I can do so ?

Any help will be appreciated .Thanks

Re: count based on a time range

I think it's doable. Change Today() to a variable which is driven by user input from a input box may be