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data manipulation within FOR LOOP

Hi - I am new to qv, I have an existing application in which we load data from excel from different sheets (data in the sheets is same/similar but we maintain each tab for each month)  - now I would like to update this to be dynamic so I used the for loop to read the data from excel sheets but loading/storing the data into qvd I have couple of data manipulations; need to put these in the for loop

any help is greatly appreciated

* previously we were using concatenate to the table

* attached includes the if conditions, manipulations

* attached includes the for look - in this I need to put the above if conditions, manipulations etc

thanks for your time

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Re: data manipulation within FOR LOOP


Once you load all the sheets data from excel. using the attache For loop.

you could do the if manipulations.

--After the for loop



LOAD id as [CT ID],

     Subject as [CT Subject],

     capitalize(Status) as [CT Status],

     Date(FLOOR([Created]),'MM/DD/YYYY') AS [CT Created Date],

     year(Date(FLOOR([Created]),'MM/DD/YYYY')) as [CT Created Year],

     month(Date(FLOOR([Created]),'MM/DD/YYYY')) as [CT Created Month],

     Created as [CT Created],

     Resolved as [CT Resolved],

     LastUpdated as [CT Last Updated],

     [CF-Source] as [CT Source] ,

     [CF-Time of Compromise] as [CT Time of Compromise],

     [CF-Time of Validation] as [CT Time of Validation],

      if(Substringcount([CF-Category],' - ')>0,MID([CF-Category] ,Index([CF-Category] , '-')+2,LEN([CF-Category] ))) as [CT Category],    

     [CF-Attachment Type] as [CT Attachment Type],

     [CF-Tags] as [CT Tags],


      [CF-Attack Vector]='N/A','Internal Investigation No Attack Vector',

      IF([CF-Attack Vector]='Unknown','Attack Vector Unknown',

      if(len([CF-Attack Vector])<0,'UnCategorized',[CF-Attack Vector]))

      ) as [CT Attack Vector],        


      [CF-Threat Type]='N/A','Internal Investigation No Threat Type',

      IF([CF-Threat Type]='Unknown','Threat Type Unknown',

      if(len([CF-Threat Type])<0,'UnCategorized',[CF-Threat Type]))) as [CT Threat Type],     


     IF([CF-Kill Chain]='N/A','UnCategorized',IF([CF-Kill Chain]='Unknown','UnCategorized',[CF-Kill Chain])) as [CT Kill Chain],   

     [CF-Root Cause Identified] as [CT Root Cause Identified],

     [CF-Recommendations Made] as [CT Recommendations Made],

     [CF-Findings] as [CT Findings]

Resident Table_With_Data;

drop table Table_With_Data;