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datawarehose with qlikview

We pull the data from different data sources into Qlikview. We can build the QVDs or data model inside the QV.

We want to use DWH for other applications.Can we push back this data into Dwh efficiently ?

Is this good practice.

thanks in advance.

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Re: datawarehose with qlikview

The usual way is to create a DWH and that both as a source for Qlikview and for other applications. But if you really want to build the data model inside QV you can export the tables to csv files and use those csv files to fill your DWH.

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Re: datawarehose with qlikview

Why you want  reverse functionality is there any specific purpose ?

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Re: datawarehose with qlikview

Vikas Mahajan,

Why because user wants to retain also their existing application.

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