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graphical activity overview


I've got a database with a lot of repetitive activities like:

activity                        frequency          start date

cleaning xxxxx              1 months          01-15-2015

check xxxxxx              6 months            01-24-2015

order xxxx                    1 week              01-02-2015


With this information I would like to create an overview something like:

cleaning xxxxxxxxx
check xxxxxxx
order xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


any tips or tricks?



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Valued Contributor

Re: graphical activity overview

Hello Perry,

Firstly using script convert your frequency to single grain (week or day depends on your data).

Secondly use Interval match.

Thirdly create custom week field (week-year).

Similar example you can find here

Re: Heat map - Length of Stay for 24 hr

Hope this helps you



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Re: graphical activity overview

Hi Andrei,

The example you provided gets me half-way there. To make the example work, I need to provide a startdate and enddate for each event. The only information I've got is a startdate and frequency of the event. So if I want to use the example then I would have to generate a table with future events.

for example:

activity                  frequency      startdate

cleaning xxxxx              1 months          01-15-2015

order xxxx                    1 week              01-02-2015

should result in a new table like:

activity                       startdate             enddate

cleaning xxxxx         01-15-2015       01-15-2015

cleaning xxxxx         02-15-2015       02-15-2015

cleaning xxxxx         03-15-2015       03-15-2015


order xxxx                 01-02-2015       01-02-2015

order xxxx                 01-09-2015       01-09-2015

order xxxx                 01-16-2015       01-16-2015


Is there an easy way to do this?

Valued Contributor

Re: graphical activity overview


I believe that it rather simple to do in your script:

1. Bring to single basis of your frequency using if statement or applymap() function within match() function.

The specific way how to do it very depends on your data.

2. Create End Date field by adding days, weeks, months, years  to your startDate.

Please find attached small example.

Hope this helps you.



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