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hex code range...


I searching for solution about expression.

now i used this for present hex code.

=if(WildMatch ((chr( num#( 'AC00', '(hex)') )),((vInput))) ,'1','2')

ex. I wrote 'ㄱ' in input box, '1' appeared in Text Object which is written THAT EXPRESSION.

so, I want it. If I write the 'ㄱ', list box shows values corresponds to condition( like AC00~B097).

All data is irregular.

Once expression is right, I can show values in list box.

How I can write expression?

thank you.

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Re: hex code range...

May be like attached sample.

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Re: hex code range...

May be like attached sample.

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Re: hex code range...

HI, treseco!

Great thank you for your reply. very helpful.

now I used it

=if(WildMatch('ㄱ',((vSearch1))),(chr(num(ValueLoop(ord('가'),ord('깋')), '(HEX)'))),'2')

I put the 'ㄱ' in input box, and then I want to extract words including  from'*가*' to '*깋*' (hex range) in a specific field.

I cant use '*' in expression. appear 'Error'


for that, do I need edit [General] Field?

now I using <Expression>.

thank you


Re: hex code range...

Though not very sure how you are trying, I guess you could use '*' concatinating with your search string. May be something like:

WildMatch('ㄱ','*' &$(vSearch1)&'*'))

If this doesn't help, please try to post your sample app.

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Re: hex code range...

seems to be solved!

I think function I tried to implement need to be excepted.

except that, almost done

your advice was very helpful.

thank you , tresesco

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