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how i can get analysis between purticular dates

how i can get analysis for particular period(say from 10th july 2005 to 7th july 2010)

I am using two calendar object

and I have given the field orderdate for both the calendar object

but as it is coming from the same orderdate field the moment I select one date that same date gets selected in other calendar object

I tried using the resident concept by setting orderdate1 and tried using orderdate for one calendar object and orderdate1 for second calendar object but that is also not working

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Re: how i can get analysis between purticular dates

try following expression

SUM({$<FiscalYear={$(=max(FiscalYear)-1)},YEAR_MONTH=p(YEAR_MONTH_PREVIOUS),[Posting Date]={'<=$(vLMaxDate)'},FinancialYear=,MonthName= >}  [Sales Amount])

1.  YEAR_MONTH_PREVIOUS  is filed to create in calender master is as follows

     num((Year(TempDate)-1)&num(Month(TempDate),'00')) AS YEAR_MONTH_PREVIOUS, // Link between tables for                            previous month / year selection

2. vLmaxdate  is variable

=date(addyears(max([Posting Date]), -1), 'DD/MM/YYYY')

Hope this helps you for previous year ytd  vs curr year ytd  ( Like wise comparison)




Re: how i can get analysis between purticular dates

Have a look at this example