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how to calculate 80-20

supplier   sales_amount


A           50

B           20

A            2

C            8

D            7

E            3

F            7

G           2

H           1

i want to calculate 80-20 of total sales.

suppose from the first 3 suppliers we are getting 80% of totals sales and remaining 5 suppliers contributing 20%.

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Re: how to calculate 80-20

It is really simply when you use the V11. Here an exemple with using dimensional limits. You can configure the boundary values to include values that allows to go over the 80% limit.

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Re: how to calculate 80-20

Parreto principle is in built functionaity in QV 11.

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Re: how to calculate 80-20

Pareto Select : Makes a pareto selection in the specified field based on an expression and percentage.

This type of selection is used to select the top contributors to a measure,

typically in line of a general 80/20 rule. For example, to find the top

customers that contribute to 80% of the turnover, Customer should be used as

field, sum(Turnover) should be used as expression and 80 should be used as


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