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how to link two tables

Hi Friends

I have two tables like this

H Desc             G Desc

1 XXX                9 AAAA

2 YYY               10 BBB

C ZZZ                11 CCC

And combination of H and G Will lead to diffirent Desc


H G Desc

1 9 DDDD

2 10 EEEE

So How if the user selects 1 desc should be XXX , 2 shoud be AAAA

And if user selects 1 and 9 both together Desc should be DDDD.


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Re: how to link two tables

How did you combine two tables based on row numbers?

What is the logic to get new Desc?

H G Desc

1 9 DDDD

2 10 EEEE

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Re: how to link two tables

Can you provide some sample data.. and on which basis u are joining both tables?


Re: how to link two tables


Your logic is not understandable.

Please elaborate more as Qlikview Engine can join two tables with a common field in them ,in your case there is DESC (as a common field ).

When Qlikview Engine joins, it will use outer join to join  both of your tables (as it is according to the data which you have provided for DESC field)

and when you select any field values of FIELDs(H or G),it will give their corresponding value of DESC Field and not the one you explained.

Hope you understand my point.



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