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how to send email via script/macro

Hi guys,

Is there anyone know how to achieve auto-sending email when reloading each time?

I know how to send email via macro now, but the problem is there is no 'link' between reloading and macro, so I tried to directly write macro function into script tab, but it seem didn't work at all.

So can anyone please help to advise the problem, or a better solution? Thanks a million in advance!

ps: attached is my demo, if you want to check the function, you need to replace the invalid email address 'test@test.com' with a real one, no need any other settings.

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: how to send email via script/macro

HI Jack,

Check out the use of 'Alerts' in the QV help file, this should do the trick for use without the needs for a macro. The is also an 'Alert Wizard' to simplify the creation process.

HTH Andy

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Re: how to send email via script/macro

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your suggestion! The truth is I need the application to send email to different recipients(from 0 to maybe 20 users), according to kind of logical rule, so it seems 'alert' couldn't handle the scenario~

Thank you all the same for your quick response!

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Re: how to send email via script/macro

Hi Jack,

First of all question: How you are going to reload it in production Server/Publisher or Desktop?

You can use an external VBS script and pass the parameters to it to send a message and run it with EXECUTE function.

I've done it one time, but unfortunately can't find an example



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