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Creator II
Creator II

how to setup rest connection to afas


I am trying to make with the restconnector in Qlikview a connection with AFAS but i can't get it to work.

I know the URL , the login but i have no clue how to put the app connector info or get connector names in so that i am able to browse through the tabel behind the connector.

Does someone has an example on how to build up the connection?

kind regards,


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Master III
Master III

Did you find your question?

I am looking for the same information.

May you live in interesting times!
Contributor II
Contributor II

I've got it working now with Profit Online since we migrated in august 2019. 

The trick is first to use https://connect.afas.nl to test your GetConnector. Then proceed in Qlikview.


You'll need the URL for accessing the data and Token for authentication. the Token is generated within AFAS profit via het AppConnector. 

1. - First step is to convert the <Token> to Base64 format. To convert the token go to 

Then paste your token code (Example: <token><version>1</version><data>C4B71E2663886125167AFD4DA9638C9AD1CFF03B3610390FB6A2B5BEA8759939</data></token>) into the first field. 

Then press encode and get an Base64 encoded string. (Example: PHRva2VuPjx2ZXJzaW9uPjE8L3ZlcnNpb24+PGRhdGE+QzRCNzFFMjY2Mzg4NjEyNTE2N0FGRDREQTk2MzhDOUFEMUNGRjAzQjM2MTAzOTBGQjZBMkI1QkVBODc1OTkzOTwvZGF0YT48L3Rva2VuPg==)  


2. Start the REST connector Wizard

- Fill in your URL

- In the Header Section you put in the next fields.

1st field:  Authorization


Between AfasToken and the authorization string there is 1 space. 


Now you should have a connection. 


And then the fun begins creating the proper load script, using Skip and Take and filtering for larger data sets. 
Also read the help from AFAS https://help.afas.nl/help/NL/SE/App_Cnr_Rest_GET.htm
It took me over 2 weeks to set it up. 


Greetings Roland