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how to use flag in qlikview

how to use flag in qlikview. flag returns values like 0,1 when and where to use any example.

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Re: how to use flag in qlikview

I don't understand your question, could you give a bit more information? Do you mean how to set and retrieve a variable value?

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Re: how to use flag in qlikview


in script try this

load * inline [






generally we generate flag for certain condition.

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Re: how to use flag in qlikview

There are more than 1 ways to generate flags.

NULL functions generate 0 or -1.

You can use if statements to generate a value, any value, that can be used as flag.

In the GUI you can reuse these flags for all kind of expressions, conditions etc.

Too much too list here on the forum.

Like James's question, be more specific please.

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Re: how to use flag in qlikview

what is a flag, where do we use it, what is its importance, could you explain it with an example.