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last 4 weeks data in bar graph

Hi all,

I have a data like below. i need the results in bar graph.

invitation_id    date_created  user_signed  course_completed  

1                  02-04-2015             1                   1

2                  12-04-2015             1                   1

3                  20-04-2015             0                   0

4                  25-04-2015             1                   1

5                  26-04-2015             1                   0

6                  27-04-2015             1                   1

7                  28-04-2015             1                   0

8                  29-04-2015             1                    1

9                  01-05-2015             1                   1

10                02-05-2015             1                   1

11                03-05-2015              1                   1

12                03-05-2015              1                 0

i am using measures like:

1. count({$<course_completed={1}>}[invitation_id])

2. count({$<user_signed={1}>}[invitation_id])

3. count(invitation_id)

I need bar graph on week basis. last 4 weeks data.

and also for last 7 days. please help me.




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Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

Use Dimension Limits.

Select Show First 4 Values, based on a date field or a range field with an attached date value.

Do not forget to Sort the dimension from Last to First


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Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

hi peter,

I am not getting. will u please explain it briefly. and how it is used


Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

Well, since you are using week-related dimension values, there should be some underlying date value (like e.g. WeekStart()) Use that value to sort the X-axis from Latest to Earliest. The underlying date value includes a year, so you won't get into trouble with multiple years (like you mentioned in your other discussion on the same topic)

Then add ad dimension limit that limits the number of X-axis values to the first four. Or first seven in case of day values.

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Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

peter i got it. i am asking how can i add that limit. through expression or something else?

Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

Right-click on your bar chart, select Properties->Dimension Limits


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Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

are you explaining in qliksense right. i am not getting the "properties".

Re: last 4 weeks data in bar graph

This is a QlikView discussion, so I'm explaining what you get in QlikView Desktop.


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