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loading data from oracle and qvd file

Hi All,

I made a avd file with a table..now i want to use this qvd file in another application. Is it possible to load data simultaneously from oracle database and qvd file in qvw file.


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loading data from oracle and qvd file

Yes, it's possible.

You can load QVDs as any text file or spreadsheet.

It's a good approach if you have multiple QVWs that read the same tables to have just one reading it an creating QVDs to the others.

Hope it helps,


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loading data from oracle and qvd file

Hi Sushil ,

Yes it is possible to load data from multiple data sources you can load data from orcle thru ODBC and data from QVD thru table files/flat files source .

give a try if u r facing problems with that let us know may be we can solve them .

thanks a lot


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