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Creator II
Creator II

logic implementation


I want to implement few things with this sample data.


I want when I select value in direct scrap as 'scrap' then in the table under the column no. of hits no value should be displayed means if I select scrap (claim types which are available in mapping load list named scrap_claim_type should be excluded and named as scrap) there should be no association with functional test , store and inspection filter( for eg I have 1000 parts from which 500 are categorized as scrap) so I have  to create  first filter as direct scrap on basis of above condition




If I have blank value in direct scrap filter(means claim types present other than scrapped) then I have to check all those blank values (claim types )either will fall in inspection filter or store filter.So I have to create second filter as inspection 

a) Inspection filter-If claim type are other than present in scrap filter then I have to check again using apply map condition( refer Central_Report_Claim_Type mapping load table) for inspection filter. if again claim types are not present  in inspection filter then they have to be marked in  store filter


Functional Test filter if the service id is falling in the mapping condition the it will come under functional test  and all other remaining service id if not falling in functional test category then we have to check for inspection filter and  all the values which are having blank values will come under store category


Store filter- If functional test value will not fall in inspection then we have to categorized as store and if inspection values are not present direct scrap or functional test then we have to categorised as store 

Condition 4 

once all above conditions are developed then we have to show them in a single column as a one filter 

so how to develop all the four conditions 

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Creator II
Creator II

@sunny_talwar  please help