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mass replace

Hi, not sure if I post this under the right category, sorry for that

I have a csv files that containes several special characters settings. I.e. %C2 that should be , (comma)

We use datastage to process this file and store it in our database.

I cannot do a replace within the csv file prior to the read operation into Qlivkview, the replace need be done within qikview after read from database.

What I am looking for is a solution to scan thru all fields and do a replace from %C2 -> ,

Any ideas?



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MVP & Luminary

Re: mass replace

I think you could use a transforming-function for each of your fields, for example:

set e = replace($1, '%C2', ',');

load $(e(F1)) as F1, $(e(F2)) as F2 from Source;

By several replacings would a mapsubstring be more elegant and could be also put in a variable like above which will work like a custom function. For mapsubstring take a look here:

Re: Passing parameter strings that contain special characters

- Marcus