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md5 function in QV?

We are using Section Access to invoke row-level security in an app. We also have a table for user logins and passwords (password saved as an md5 hash in the table).

?Is there an md5( function in QlikView that will give us the correct hash that our database already generated, so I can compare the two to see if the password the user typed in was correct?

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md5 function in QV?

Maybe this can be a new feature request for the next release, this could be very usefull, including others algorithms like sha1(Microsoft).


PD. i found the source code in C, but i dont think that is very simple to develop in QV (Macro Function)

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md5 function in QV?

You can download the md5.exe application which generate a hash code.

When reloading your application you can ask the password by a message box, then via a macro which run the md5, retrieve the hash code ?

This is not a perfect solution but that should be possible I think.


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md5 function in QV?


Was anyone successful using this MD5 function for storing passwords etc?


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md5 function in QV?

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