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meaning of ..\..\..\ in Qlikview path

Hi all,

what is the meaning ..\..\..\ in the below path.

FROM [..\..\..\QlikviewApp\Retail\Data\Qvds\Raw_Qvds\Location.qvd] (qvd)

If i understood properly, it means qlikview will go 3 steps back from QlikviewApp folder.

Correct me if i am wrong.



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Re: meaning of ..\..\..\ in Qlikview path

Yes, you are right. That just mean going back a directory.... just as you would see in CMD

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Re: meaning of ..\..\..\ in Qlikview path

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Re: meaning of ..\..\..\ in Qlikview path

It is a relative path used for kind of security of not showing all the respective folders beneath.

..\..\ is like one folder level so in your case there are three levels of folders before QlikviewApp folder to get to the root.