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memory issues when reloading my tables

hi all,

my QV script reloads fine, my table view looks fine (i have two variables in my key). the problem comes when it updates on the object view side. it works when i load a few tables at a time, but in the end i need to be able to load all my tables in (together)

how do i get aroud this issue. the error message says "OUT OF LOGICAL AND VIRTUAL MEMORY"

Thank you

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memory issues when reloading my tables


If it's a rendering issue, your expressions might be too complex if you use conditionals or calculated dimensions and the data volume is big.

Do you have loops in your model?

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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Re: memory issues when reloading my tables


Thank you for your response.

I have pasted a screen shot of my table view below, in my document I have two sets of data: 1. Payments and 2. Suppliers. All my tables under Payments are linked by Entity_Name + Cheque_Number. My tables under suppliers are linked by Entity_Name + Supplier_Name.

The link should be fine, since there are no errors in code, the problem comes when updating the objects view page after the reload.

My expressions are not complex, I sum the Gross_Amount for each table in my view.

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