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need Urgent help ,stock somewhere

I have been challenging to work with my dashboard report Orders with in last 30 days Orders between 31- 60 days Orders between 60 - 90 days Orders between 90 - 180 days Orders 180 and beyond right now my script looks like this this [OrderData]: LOAD     OrderID,     CustomerID,     EmployeeID,     OrderDate,     Year(OrderDate) as Year,     Month(OrderDate) as  Month,     Week(OrderDate) as Week,     RequiredDate,     ShippedDate,     ShipVia,     Freight,     ShipName,     ShipAddress,     ShipCity,     ShipRegion,     ShipPostalCode,     ShipCountry FROM (biff, embedded labels, table is Orders); [MaxDate]: LOAD Max([OrderDate]) As [MaxDate] Resident [OrderData]; Let varMaxDate = Peek('MaxDate',0,'MaxDate');  Drop Table [MaxDate];  [OrderData2]: LOAD     *,     If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<31, '0-30',             If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<61, '30-61',                 If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<91, '60-90',                         If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<181, '90-180',                             If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]>180, 'Over 181'     ))))) AS [OrderAging] Resident [OrderData];   Drop Table [OrderData];

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Re: need Urgent help ,stock somewhere

Your post is hardly comprehensible. If you need your question to be answered, you have to reach to the people. Have a look here:

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Re: need Urgent help ,stock somewhere


It seen the previouse post I used to follow. So what is problem here?