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need suggetion regarding data model

hi all,

          In My Datamodel i have two tables one table contains the sales represent details the second table contains sales represent performance details  the thing is 4 fields common between both tables when i load the data and then run synthetic table was formed

to remove that synthetic table which approach is best

1.join two tables or

2.by using qualify for three fields except key field or

3.remove common fields from one table  except key field

here data is same for 4 fields in two tables


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Re: need suggetion regarding data model


Joining the tables using the four common fields will be helpful.

Or Else

Any way the data is same for 4 fields in both the tables even we can remove 3 fields and can join based on one key

Re: need suggetion regarding data model

I would go with 1st or the 3rd option. If key fields repeat in any of the two tables, I would stick with 3rd option, else there is no harm in joining them together too. I don't see a benefit of Qualifying them and creating another field with the same information available in another field.




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Re: need suggetion regarding data model


In your senarios, in term of DW its showing many to many relationship between two tables so option 1 is best for it.

Else if you want to analyis your information separate or combinde so option 3 is best, make concat 4 columns as composit key and join (associate) both tables.